The Cake Boutique in Mullica Hill offers sweet treats in a New York City-style setting

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The Cake Boutique in Mullica Hill offers sweet treats in a New York City-style setting

cb1_b92f56c4d1daedf45538e39a9fc802feAlexandra Benas celebrated St. Valentine’s Day by opening the doors to her new business and sharing her love of baking at The Cake Boutique.

“I thought that would be the perfect day to open,” Benas said.
The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill graduate has been working on preparing to open the boutique located at 115 Swedesboro Road in Mullica Hill since last fall.
“It’s been great so far,” she said. “A lot of people who drive by said they had been waiting for us to open, watching the progress, and couldn’t wait to come in.”

The cake shop’s atmosphere is very similar to a New York-style boutique with the delicious aroma of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, truffles and other sweet treats baking away.

On a daily basis, guests can find fresh-baked cupcakes — including chocolate and vanilla varieties, and red velvet every day.

“I also always have a featured flavor that changes weekly,” Benas said. “This week was Peanut Butter Heaven.”

There are also cookies, brownies, pecan bars, cake pops and homemade granola and trail mix available in the boutique every day.

One particular cupcake flavor is extremely popular, said Taylor Braun, customer service clerk at The Cake Boutique.

“Red velvet cupcakes sell a lot,” Taylor said. “Everyone likes the cream cheese icing.”

In addition to creating daily sweet treats, Benas also has a hand in decorating the store’s cakes.

From a “big tire with a car on top of it,” to an edible care package with items including a bottle of Jack Daniels, a Mercedes emblem and dogtags, Benas said she has created

some very interesting cakes.

“I also do collage cakes,” she said. “I take a bunch of different things from the person’s life and mish-mash them all together on the cake. It’s really personal. When that person sees the cake, other people might not get it, but that person is like, ‘Oh my God, it’s all my favorite things.’”

Cakes with multiple tiers are some of the most complicated of her creations.

“Tiered cakes are the most difficult because there are so many pieces of fondant and gum paste,” Benas said. “And transporting those is very difficult. But I love a challenge — within reason.”

Benas grew up in the restaurant business, but decided to concentrate on baking after delving into a couple other fields.

“My parents own the Harrison House,” she said. “There were always so many cooks and chefs in the house that I had to find my niche. So I went to the sweet side.”

Before she chose baking as a career, she majored in psychology and minored in education.

“After graduation, I taught for a year, but I didn’t love it,” Benas said. “So I had to decide if I wanted to get my graduate degree in psychology or go to culinary school. I decided to go to culinary school.”

While at culinary school she saw all the “great things” she could do with baking and pastries, and, at that point, decided to focus on dessert.

She learned many of her current recipes while in culinary school, but has tweaked and developed them into her own flavor during her years of experience.

“The icings are all awesome,” she said. “We use the best chocolate and vanilla on the market. We use Valrhona chocolate and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. The icing gives everything that extra-special touch.”

And her favorite aspect of being a baker is that moment when a client gives her “free reign” to create a cake.

“I’ve always been artistic,” Benas said. “I like it when someone comes in and says, ‘I need a cake, but I’m not sure what I want. I trust you. Just make it beautiful, make it cool.’”

The Cake Boutique is located at 115 Swedesboro Road in Mullica Hill. For more information, visit,, email or call 856-418-1226.

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